Registration for KDCF Trail Run 2013 is now OPEN!!!!

So how to register for this event? Simple! Just follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the registration form HERE and please ensure that you understand the waiver liability stated in the form.

2. The fee for this event is RM 30. Please make your payment into the account below:

Maybank: 114196598834

 P/S: Don't forget to retain your proof of payment!

(We understood that some concerns have been addressed regarding the personal bank account. FYI, our organization has just been established recently so things are pretty hectic. Rest assured, we are still in the midst of processing our management bank account. Till then, the account above will be the main method of payment. Million apologies for the inconvenience caused)

3. You are required to mail us the proof of payment and state your type of transaction (Cash Deposit Machine/ Online Fund Transfer) to the following email address:

We are reachable via mobile as well, in case you have further query:

Syahrul - 0192059970

Your slot will only be considered confirmed once you have submitted your proof of payment. Then, we will update your name on the participant's list (to be published soon!).

All entries must be submitted together with the proof of payment before 31st of May 2013  3rd of June 2013 or once we reached 300 participants, whichever comes first. 

So, come on guys, buck up and take the challenge!! 

We are looking forward to see you there!!!!=D

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